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Simplified Parallax

The internet use to be very two dimensional—then parallax happened. I created the simplest way to get that fancy parallax effect on background images without doing any of the work.

Responsive Double-take

The other day it hit me when I was thinking about the typography on a site I was building. I was mulling over my process for picking font sizes at different media queries when I realized I could be doing this a little different with some fancy scripting.

Reblogging is for chumps

Regurgitating something someone else blogged. It’s felt more odd to me in recent months. So along with this new site I'm starting a new process, ditching my Tumblr, and breaking the reblogging mindset.

New Black

Picking out what to wear in the morning can be a challenge. To combat this, I've devised a system that allows me to use minimal brain power to maximize my style and allow my mind to focus on things that are more important.